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Looks like I am going to Tevis this year!

Bo shows off his Tevis browband at City of Rocks. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Ughhhh, what can I say – I changed my mind due to certain bad influences whom shall remain nameless.  :)  I had originally been planning on going to Tevis this year.

Heck I was even on a “Tevis” diet with goals to get to a certain weight by August 4th!  I’ve done a pretty good job of dropping the extra weight and getting into better shape.

Then, I decided that I wanted to go to the new City of Rocks ride in Idaho.  At the time I thought that doing both would be too much for Bo.  On the other hand, I also really wanted to ride Chief on more rides this summer.  After riding City of Rocks and seeing how great Bo looked afterwards (he did 2 days there) it was hard to ignore that this just might be a good year for us to give it another go!

Bo and I last completed the Tevis together in 2010.  We had a really great ride.  I hope that things will go our way this time.  I know that I am in shape and more fit and prepared than I was in 2010 and I think that Bo is also a lot stronger and way tougher and more solid than he was two years ago.  Now to keep the Tevis Gremlins from getting us.

Bo has been going so well in his strap on Renegades this season that I’m going to use them on the ride.  Last time I glued boots on and that worked great.  I did the Owyhee 100 on Bo in May using the strap on boots and they worked flawlessly.  I hope that we’ll have the same good luck at Tevis.  I often ride in my boots until they have at least 600 miles on them but for this ride I’ll use boots that are new and have only been used on a couple of short training rides in order to get them adjusted.  Bo has completed 3 one day 100’s so far using strap on boots, and one 100 using glue-ons.  I’d much rather use the strap ons as it is easier than the work and prep to put the glue-ons on, and the work to get them off again.

I’m going to put together a few lists and crew instructions for the ride and will post things as I have them together.  I tend to be pretty well organized and will try to make things as simple and easy as possible for my crew.  I was surprised that I was able to reserve a hotel room in Auburn for Friday and Saturday night.  Now to figure out what other things I need to do and get done in the next two weeks.  Whew!

Below is something I wrote a couple of years ago:

Tevis Gremlins

tevis grem·lin [tev-is grem-lin]

1. a mischievous invisible being, said by endurance riders to cause horse related difficulties.
2. cause of equestrian related trouble, difficulties, etc.

of obscure orig; Tevis Gremlins are mysteriously malevolent and terrify endurance riders by causing dreadful mishaps to occur.

Tevis Gremlins usually only appear once a rider has officially decided to, or has already sent in their ride entry for the world famous Tevis Cup endurance ride.

Tevis Gremlins are generally hard to spot and eliminate due to their invisibility and mischievous nature. Tevis Gremlins often exhibit tendencies initially towards the subtle and less obvious forms of tampering with a rider’s dream for acquiring a coveted Tevis Cup buckle. When their more subtle forms of mischief fail to achieve their desired goal they will proceed to greater incendiary behaviors and have been known to wreak all sorts of havoc in the weeks and months prior to the Tevis Cup each year. Creating heart break, disappointment and wreaking calamity in their wake, Tevis Gremlins often leave a trail of paranoid endurance riders who have no choice but to start to worry and fret over every minor thing, when under normal conditions they would not.

If you feel that a Tevis Gremlin has selected you to personally terrorize, there are three thoughts of action.

1. The first is to give it a wide berth and pretend it doesn’t exist. This will work well for those that are extremely confident and/or have decided to wait until just before the ride to enter as it gives the Tevis Gremlin less time and opportunity to disrupt your plans.
2. The second option is to take whatever happens in stride and not get upset when things don’t go exactly as planned.  Keep a clear head, stay confident, and put your vet and farrier’s phone number on speed dial!  With a little luck and some creativity on your part, you can thwart the evil Tevis Gremlin mischief!
3. The last option is to prepare for the possibility that this is just not your year to ride the Tevis. Tevis Gremlins are known to multiply rapidly so there may not be any way to escape their wrath.

Good luck to everyone planning on the Tevis this year!  icon smile Tevis Gremlins   Karen




3 comments to Looks like I am going to Tevis this year!

  • Drin Becker

    Looking forward to the crew list since this is my first Tevis , so need all the advice I can get.

  • Rosanne

    I just heard this news from someone earlier today. I was a little suprised because I saw what you said about going to the City of Rocks ride. Glad you are able to do both! Bo looks great wearing his Tevis browband! Here’s to keeping the Tevis gremlins away! :)

  • Tevis Gremlins — LOL!!! Good luck.

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