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Tevis Preparation: Robinson’s Flat Checklist

This is my list for Robinson’s Flat, the first vet check on the ride where my crew will be allowed to meet me.  This check is logistically time consuming to get to as you have to drive all of the way back through Auburn to get to it.

This is a really busy and congested check with a lot of traffic on a narrow windy road.  It’s too far to run back and get something that might be needed or that was forgotten.  That is why it is so important to plan ahead and make sure you have everything that you’ll need.

Again, this is a rough draft and will likely be updated and edited in the next week.  My crew is still being confirmed, though I am already at least halfway there :).

Vet Check @ Robinson Flat – Mileage: 36, Criteria: 60, Hold: One Hour
ETA 9:45 – 10:30 AM
Crew members: tbd
Crewbag (contains the following)
1 flake of hay
1 baggie of EGM senior
1 baggie of bran/omolene
1 baggie of Strategy
1 bag of carrots
2 apples
first aid kit
Sunscreen & chapstick
spare Renegades – size 1 & 2
spare toe straps
3 feed pans
Fleece sheet
2 AA batteries
Bridle and hackamore (possible change)
Stethoscope or handheld HRM
Brush and sweat scraper
Other items:
Small ice chest
4 bottles of water (pre-frozen)
2 packets of Propel
Egg salad sandwich/pb&j
Chocolate Ensure/breakfast drink
Gu – 4 packets
Nuts & misc. snacks
2 buckets
2 sponges
2 folding chairs
Instructions: 2 Crew members meet me near the arrival timer up the road. Crew 1 pulls tack (including splint and ankle boots) and carry back to crew area.
Crew 2 sponge Bo’s neck to cool and follow me into the pulse box and vet area. Trot Bo out for vet.
If there is a vet line, Crew 1 will come back with a handful of hay and the Strategy to feed while we wait.
Have the crew area already set up with the chairs, feed and water ready. Do NOT soak the mash until I get there –
Crew 1 can soak the mashes while I am vetting with Crew 2. Do NOT mix feed types, keep each baggie separate. Break carrots into small pieces.
After vetting, we’ll go to the crew area and let Bo eat while cleaning him up – sponge any sweat or dirt off of him
Clean and rinse splint boots and lay out to dry.
Put fleece blanket over horse if it’s cool (or use it to place the saddle/tack on)
Dunk my Cool Medics vest in water.
Feed rider – sandwich, drink.
Give rider wet washrag, followed by sunscreen.
Halfway through our hold walk Bo to a water trough and back to drink (ask first)
15 Minutes prior to departure help re-tack horse; remember the splint and ankle boots! (splint on hinds, ankle on fronts)
I may or may not want to change headgear on Bo – remind me and I’ll decide
Apply Desitin to back of pasterns and on any dings
Make sure water bottles on saddle are filled up.
Make sure electrolytes on saddle are filled up.
Replace spare boots if any were used on saddle.
Replace AA batteries in GPS
Wet horse down as we leave
Crew follow out and trot out horse for exit CRI (carry feed for horse in case there is a line)
Make sure I have my vest on!
Misc. Notes:
If I get pulled make sure I have water and food and that Bo has something to eat (it will be hours before we get to FH or Auburn)
All of my baggies will be labeled with instructions. Additional feed is in my trailer, also labeled in the feed containers.
If I decide to electrolyte (besides what is in Bo’s feed) I’ll do it and just need somebody to make sure the elytes are kept filled in my saddle
Any supplements like salt/elytes/bcaa will already be in Bo’s feed in the baggie and labeled.
Stay positive and encouraging; work quietly and calmly around the horse; keep an eye out for accidents waiting to happen around us!


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