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Tevis Preparation – Robie Park Checklist

I’ll update this again once I have it finalized.  This is a rough draft and the first part of many lists that I’ll put together for myself and my crew for Tevis.

For those that are not familiar with the Western States Trail Ride aka Tevis; it is a 100 mile one day point to point endurance ride.  That means that logistically, things have to be planned and prepared ahead of time to ensure that anything the rider or horse may need along the way will be there.

It is also the one place each year where you will find the largest gathering of endurance riders.  Everybody is there – riders, veterinarians, crews, volunteers and more.

When I am finished with all of my lists I’ll post the spreadsheet.  The formatting isn’t copying over very well here — each item here has a checkbox on the left hand side.

Robie Park Checklist

Tack Check
Saddle pad attached with zip ties (double inserts)
Breast collar
Crupper – remember to vaseline tail piece
Headstall w/ bit
Martingale (we’ll see how Bo feels on Friday preride)
Mohair Girth
2 ankle boots – fronts
2 splint boots – hinds
Size 1 Renegade – in pack
Size 2 Renegade – in pack
1 water bottle of water
1 bottle of propel
Baggie of Strategy
2 size 2 Renegades (for riding in)
2 size 1 Renegades (for riding in)
Hoof pick on saddle
2 spare AA batteries
First aid kit
Bug spray
Rider Gear Check
Cool Medics Vest
Sun shirt
Tights & riding clothes
Black Ariat boots
Helmet with visor
GPS Reset and cleared/clean camera lense
Trail map
Braid Bo’s mane
Make sandwich and pack lunch for RF
Put ice chest, chairs, buckets, crew bag, cart, etc. in crew vehicle
Choose which crew person will trot horse out and have them practice
Pre-ride Bo, 7 or 8 miles approx. 1 ½ to 2 hours
Pack and organize separate feed bags and buckets for Auburn stall
Decide where and when that goes there and who will set up
Review schedule and times for vet checks
Set two alarm clocks :)
Make sure cell phone list is up to date for all crew members
Have crews with smart phones subscribe to Tevis Twitter Feed
Crewbag list is on the RF page

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