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Product Reviews: Da Brim Helmet Visor

Karen and Chief: Owyhee Fandango 50, 2012. Photo by Nannette Young.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out a new helmet visor.  I had been using a Salamander helmet visor along with a bandana that I velcroed to the back of the helmet to keep the sun off of my neck.  Over time, the velcro always wants to peel up especially where the visor goes.  That would mean re-gluing the velcro back down, or replacing it.

The Da-Brim helmet visor  is applied with a strap and requires no velcro or glues to attach it.  I read the instructions on how to apply it to my helmet and it went on easily.  The Da-Brim is secured with a strap and I was not entirely sure it would stay on in the wind.  (it did, it did!!)

My helmet felt comfortable with the helmet cover on it; not any heavier than before.  I liked how well it covers the back of my neck!  I always ride in long sleeve SPF shirts and use plenty of sunscreen.  I do everything I can to keep the sun off of  my skin.

My first ride in the Da-Brim was the 50 at the Owyhee Fandango last week.  As it turned out, it was a good ride to test it out on!  It rained on us for a good part of the day and there was a bit of a breeze.  The visor worked really well in the rain and it didn’t budge at all in the wind.  For the few minutes of sunshine that we had, Da-Brim did a good job of blocking the sun off of my face and neck.

I’ll post a few photos below showing how the helmet cover looks while wearing it.  I like how it looks.  Some helmet brims are too flimsy and floppy and/or don’t stay as securely as Da-Brim did.  I have tried other helmet visors in the past that did not stay on in the wind.










Here is a summary of my review:

PROS of Da-Brim Helmet Cover:

  1. Fits snugly without needing velcro or glue
  2. Comes in several colors
  3. Sturdy yet lightweight
  4. Stays on in the wind
  5. Offers great sun protection – SPF 50+
  6. Also offers protection in the rain
  7. Easy on and off
  8. Looks kind of cool!

CONS of Da-Brim Helmet Cover:

  1. Since it stays on in the wind, you can really get blown around while wearing it

On Sunday I entered the 100 at Owyhee Fandango and started out with the Da-Brim on my helmet.  Unfortunately, it proved to be too windy for me to ride with it and I ended up taking it off.  A larger person may not be as affected by the winds as I was.  I felt like I could lose my balance and come off of my horse.  That certainly says a lot for the staying power of the Da-Brim to stay on a helmet; however, it was not comfortable to ride with it in high winds for me.

You can find out more about Da-Brim at the company’s website at:  http://www.dabrim.com   Proudly Made in the USA!  MSRP is $36.95.  Long Rider’s Gear also carries them.


3 comments to Product Reviews: Da Brim Helmet Visor

  • I had just seen these a couple weeks ago, and was researching and looking around for reviews. Thanks so much for the real equestrian user review. The other brims out there are just too small. I made one, but after a couple years it has seen better days. Da Brim will be on my next shopping list!

  • Robynne Catheron

    I am so happy to read about this! I’ve been wanting to get a visor for my helmet, and was planning on the Salamander. This one looks perfect, though, and it’s exactly what I need. I have a Packaroo Raincoat from Outback Trading, which I love, but the hood doesn’t fit over my helmet, which I hate. This visor is ideal, so thank you!

  • derMarkNbiken

    Saw one of these out on the bike trail today. Said, “I gotta have one!” Was wondering about the wind and how well it stays on. Good review.

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