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Eastern Mojave

Ride is going well so far, around 46 to 49 starting each day. Two days down, two to go.  I rode Bo on day 1, and Chief today (day 2).

Weather was windy and cold the first day and we rode in snow and ice.  It melted off, and then warmed up.  Today we rode under brilliant blue skies with warmer weather and it was fantastic.  You can see in the first photo that my jacket and rain gear are on the horse (and not me).  Good sign!

Marking trail was a challenge as we did a lot on foot in high winds.  Nannette and I also marked a lot on horseback, which was great.  I love getting the horses out before a ride.  This ride is great because there are so many long sections with excellent footing and I don’t need to use boots.

BBQ hot dogs at lunch today….yummy!  I won’t eat hot dogs otherwise, but at an out vet check on an endurance ride they are a prize let me tell ya!  It’s also always great to get to see Lavone.

My horses are both doing well, sure am glad I clipped them.  Having a blast visiting with my friends and riding my ponies!  Hardly enough time to get everything done.  Multidays are hard without a crew, and still definitely not easy even with one.  So  much to do, so little time.  Everybody is having a great time, tho the ride #’s are down, way less than half of what this ride has gotten in the past.  Too bad, as it is a really NICE ride, great awards (see photo!).

Check out the awesome dessert we had – ice cream with chocolate, and shortbread cookie.  Dinner was chicken fajitas.  Awesome!

I had two hot dogs, Cheetos and a Reece’s for lunch.  How come I never lose weight when I ride 50 miles a day?  hmmmm…….

I had major boot problems with MY boots today.  Good grief.  Something works great one day and not at all the next.  I was out in the middle of the desert today and in so much pain that I would have quit, could I have.  Since quitting wasn’t an option, I had no choice but to continue.  I was glad that I did make it in.  I am pretty wiped tho. Tomorrow will be hard, I hope I can get up and bear weight on the bad foot.  Ugh.

More later, gotta get some sleep!



2 comments to Eastern Mojave

  • Don Huston

    Hello Karen,

    My personal boot and foot problem was pain that would build up as the day wore on. Sometimes the top of my foot, sometimes the outside along the arch, sometimes the heel, sometimes both feet or only one. What solved it for me was to go up a boot size and extra wide EE and keep the laces very loose. Apparently my feet randomly swell and cut off circulation causing pain??? The extremely loose boots has resolved my foot pain.

  • Cindy Collins

    What happened with your boot/foot? You are usually so together!

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