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More useful items for those long trips with horses in tow!

Here are a few more useful things. The first thing is just inside the trailer LQ door – levels to tell me if I am level when I park.  If I am not level enough, sometimes the fridge doesn’t want to work.  I have two mounted so that I can see if I am level both side to side and front to back.  These can be placed outside for even easier viewing too.  I just have to pop my head inside the door to see how close I am.  I also have a wire rack right there which is handy for keeping things like hats and gloves that I use during cold weather.  I can also put anything else there that I might want to be able to reach easily from outside without having to come inside. You can get the levels from Amazon.com, or check Camping World, Wal Mart or your local RV store.

The next thing that I find very useful is on the back of  my flatbed truck.  I have a 35 gallon external fuel tank and just added a 68 gallon water tank.  Both tanks are the same height, so if I need to I can stack hay on top of them.  I’ve had the fuel tank on the truck for years.  I figure that I usually save anywhere from $20 to $40 per trip that I take with the horses because I know where to fill up where the price is the lowest.  I also have a really good range since the main tank is 40 gallons.  I don’t have to worry about running out of fuel, or not being able to get diesel if for example the power is out in a small town and the pumps won’t run (that actually has happened more than once!).

The faucet wasn’t yet installed on the water tank when I took this photo – the tank can be filled up from the top, while a hose with a faucet on the bottom of the right side will be used to fill up the horse water buckets that are attached to the horse trailer.  I got the water tank from sandiegotank.com They were really helpful with helping me find the perfect tank for my use!

The spare tire you see on the truck bed is my 2nd spare for the horse trailer.  It is going to be relocated to the top of the hayrack with a cover on it.  I always travel with two spares for the trailer, that way I will still have a spare should I need to change a tire on a trip and not have to worry about stopping to get the first tire fixed.  I have driven all the way across Nevada and not able to find the right size trailer tire before – now I never go anywhere without two good spares!

These bucket hooks are great and have lots of uses around the barn and trailer.  I don’t actually use them to hang buckets with but use them for lots of other things!  I have them on the inside of my horse trailer windows.  When I get to where I am going, I hang stuff on them.  This keeps things up off of the floor and makes things more accessible.  Hooks are .49 each at horse.com.  When I bought mine about twelve years ago they cost about half that much.

I usually hang a feed bag on one to use for trash.  I started doing this after stray dogs at a ride came into the back of my horse trailer at a ride and tore the trash all up.  Now they can’t reach it.  I use another hook to hang my laundry on, and more still to hang my hoof boot bags on.  On each of my boot bags I  have duct tape labels with the name of each horse and size of boot.  This helps me to keep them organized.  I’ve been doing this for years and it works great.  When it’s time to go home, I take everything down and put it back where it is stowed for travel.

Another one of my now favorite useful things is the caribeaner bungee.  I found these at Home Depot awhile back and like that they are more secure than a regular bungee.  Especially for items that are being held securely inside the horse trailer.  I won’t want something bouncing loose or coming apart when I’m trailering the horses on a bumpy dirt road.

I have my step-stool (also doubles as a saddle stand) held at the top by two of the above bucket hooks, and then with the bungee around the center.  This keeps it held securely and keeps it snug enough so that it won’t bounce and rattle.

If getting stuck somewhere out in the boonies is a concern, then it’s a good idea to have a snatch strap with you.  I got this one off of ebay, based on Al’s recommendation.

I wanted something that would be heavy duty enough to pull my rig out if I ever get stuck.  If I were to get stuck it would probably be in mud, or sand.  That hasn’t happened (knocking on wood), and since I do have 4WD it isn’t a high likelihood yet there are plenty of rides and camps where I have been in that I could have gotten stuck in (since many others did have to get pulled out).

I figure that if I get stuck, I may be someplace where there isn’t anybody else that can pull me out, or where I have no cell service so can’t call for help.  In that case, I need to be able to find another way to hopefully get unstuck.

Short of getting a winch (too expensive, and there may not be anything to hook to), these traction mats could prove useful.  I have enough of them that I could use them to slowly crawl out of something.  That is, provided we aren’t stuck up to the axles.  I’ve seen people get unstuck at rides over the years using similar items, so I know it can work.

I think that’s enough items to cover for one post.  I’ve got lots more, of course!  Check back later for more.

2 comments to More useful items for those long trips with horses in tow!

  • Love, LOVE my tow strap. And we have used it a few times over the past 10 years. Safer than tow chains, easier to store and deal with. Hope your stays tucked away this summer and not needed, but they are nice when we do need to get out of something with assistance. Oh, and they just hose off, or toss in wash if they get nasty from mud!

  • olga

    i love the tow strap, i just upgraded mine, have to make sure if if get one that it rated high enough for your rig. other great ideas i love how you find a place for everything.

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