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More useful things, for endurance riders & horse owners!

Here are a few more items that are useful to have, either around the barn at home or to take along when traveling with horses.  The first thing is the 80# size Vittles Vault feed storage containers.  These things are great!  I am able to store two bags of horse feed in each container.  Even tho the size says 80#, I often put in two 50# bags of feed in them.

You can order Vittles Vaults online from Petco, or US Plastics.  I showed photos of mine in one of the trailer organization articles I wrote for Endurance News, and got a lot of requests from people asking about what they were and where to get them (Vittles Vaults).  I really like that they are shaped so that you can place two or four together in a tack room or the first stall in the trailer and take up a minimum amount of space.  Their shape keeps them balanced well so they are not likely to tip over (like a trash bin might do).  You can fit an awful lot of feed into four Vittles Vaults, and the feed will stay clean and dry.  I can stack the containers on top of each other too, and when I want to use the first stall in my trailer I can fit them all easily into the bathroom (they fit perfectly in the shower).

Along the theme of traveling with horses – this next item is something that some may consider to help boost their horse’s immune systems.  In 2001 before I went on the long XP ride, I gave Weaver and Rocky the regular APF formula ahead of the ride to help them with the long trailer trip.  Now they have a new formula called APF Pro.

Here is a list of the benefits of using APF, from the Healthy as a Horse website:

  • Provide proven support to the immune system
  • Improve the adaptive response to athletic training
  • Aid in development and maintenance of skeletal muscle
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Minimize effects of transport and environmental stress

With APF Pro you’ll have the added benefits of:

  • Increased resistance to stress-induced gastric ulcers
  • Protection of the immune system from long-term or intense stress
  • Optimized glucose uptake and utilization in muscle cells
  • Improved utilization of lipds (fats) for long-term energy production
  • Delayed onset of fatigue during exercise and competition
  • Improved recovery from physical exertion
  • Protection of digestive function by providing sustained energy to the GI tract
  • Powerful anti-oxidant activity to protect against free radical damage
  • Protection against the damaging effects of intense or chronic stress

Another item that I use and love is made by Eqyss – their rehydrating spray.  I have used it for years and usually go through a spray bottle on each multiday ride.  It works great especially in the summer time to keep the horse’s skin and coat from drying out.

I buy this stuff by the gallon!  It also works great on dogs that have hot spots or dry and sensitive skin.  If I use it regularly on a 5 day ride in the summer, the horse’s skin stays soft and suppler and doesn’t do that “scurfing” thing that so often happens when you ride them 250 miles in the heat.  I can totally keep that from happening with Eqyss Rehydating Spray – just love the stuff!

I have also used aloe juice (buy it in gallon containers) and mix that in with rinse water when washing the horses down after riding them in the summer.  That also helps keep their coats and skin from drying out.

I also like and use other Eqyss products – I like their medicated shampoo and the Micro-Tek spray as a way to prevent scratches.  Their regular shampoo is also nice and what I use most of the time – I’ve had a gallon of it and it’s lasted years and years already.  I really go through the rehydating spray though, it’s the best!

Finally – back again to organization.  I hate clutter and having things piled up when I’m on a trip with the horses.  I try really hard to keep everything in it’s place and to try and control the mess that so often ensues after a few days of riding or traveling.

I received one of Henry Griffin’s small organizers as an award at the Hell’s Kitchen ride one year and found the perfect place for it inside my trailer LQ.  I used a soldering gun to burn holes through the nylon trim, then mounted it to the wall using screws and large washers.  Now I’ve got a great spot to keep the things that I use most often – sunscreen, lotion, sunglasses, reading glasses, pens.

I like how this organizer worked out so well that I just ordered another one from Henry to put on the other side of the table.  It sure cuts down on the mess inside the trailer, and has the added benefit of everything being held securely when it’s time to hit the road again.

3 comments to More useful things, for endurance riders & horse owners!

  • Drin Becker

    Karen when you use the Aloe Vera juice as a wash , how do you mix it with water ? What % ? Thanks and I love your trailer organizing articles as that is something I am really anal about , keeping my trailer clean and organized , I get alot of crap from my friends over it :-)

  • Thanks Drin! I usually add a cup or two to one of the smaller buckets of water when sponging. I haven’t gone as strong as 50/50, but you probably could do that and see how it works.

    I took a lot of new photos today for the next (and final) trailer org. article. Got lots of stuff to show!

  • Janelle Lear

    I’m impressed with how clean your trailer is! Oh, where is the write up on your tack room? Saw it once, can’t find it again? Thanks. Am going to incorporate some of your fab ideas.

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