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Organic Selenium & Horse Guard Vitamins – Save 15%!!

Read all the way to the bottom to get the discount code!

In the past I posted about what I feed my competing endurance horses, including Mega Dose vitamins (more on that here, too).  I’ve been really happy with these vitamins and especially like that everything my horses need in a vitamin is included in the formulation – they get all of these things (copied from their website):

What Mega Dose does for your horse

Mega Dose contains the complete balanced vitamin mineral supplement of Horse Guard. Additionally it provides Mega doses of certain nutrients that horse owners often have to add to their normal supplement to accomplish the higher doses required in special circumstances.

This product is appropriate for all classes of horses including pregnant mares, foals, growing horses, performance horses, and older horses. The vitamin mineral portion offers protection from deiciency. Avoiding deiciency is an important step in maintaining health and maximizing performance. Intense farming practices have provided feeds that are often deicient in important minerals. Storage reduces many vitamins to less than half their harvest levels. Intestinal problems are prevalent in horses.

1. Biotin, Methionine, and Zinc are “mega dosed” for the horses that are being supplemented especially to promote hoof strength and suppleness. Most products contain little or no biotin that is by far, the most expensive vitamin. Biotin is recognized in the ield of nutritional science as a B
vitamin that has been proven to strengthen hoof structure and reduce irregularities that reduce hoof strength. Three studies have indicated that the treatment dose is 15 mg/day to a 1000 LB horse. There is 16 mg/day provided in the Mega-Dose formula. The prevention dose is the 4.5 mg /day available in Horse Guard or Super Gain products.

2. Vitamin E and Organic Selenium are “mega dosed” for those horses that do not respond to average levels of selenium supplementation. Vitamin E is synergistic to selenium making both nutrients more effective.

3. Mega-Dose provides 3.0 mg. of selenium and 5000 IU of Vitamin E per day (It is safe at this level for all horses.)

4. Yeast Concentrate is “mega dosed” improving digestion and vitality.

5. Bacterial and Yeast inoculants are included. The Bacterial and Yeast Inoculation increases health, eficiency and disease resistance in the gut. These living microbes are part of the living gut. They are critical to health, growth, and strength. These individual inoculants are given to horses to prevent disease and make the horse capable of enduring stressful situations. When you feed Mega-Dose you are inoculating 100 million “good bacteria” and 4500 mg of Yeast concentrate daily.

6. Added Lysine– Horse Guard, Mega Dose and Super Gain provide 700 mg per day. Lysine is the
only amino acid (protein building block) the National Research Council lists a daily requirement for horses.

7. Balance-Approximately 6 trillion nutritional-chemcal reactions occur in the body every second. Each reaction is inluenced by others. The balance and the form of vitamins and minerals are critical.

Click here to read more about organic selenium, or watch the video below.

I’ve also got some exciting news to share – HorseGuard has graciously given me a discount count that I can share with my friends and blog readers.  If you’d like to order ANYTHING from their website you can get 15% off by entering this code when you get to the check-out section:  endurancefromkaren

So if you need a mega-vitamin for your horse or a specific supplement in particular, check them out.  I have used the MegaDose vitamins on my horses for the last few years and have been really happy with the results.  I like that these vitamins come in pelleted form and I can feed them by themselves without having to mix in with additional feed.  The horses eat the pellets right up too!  It’s great that everything my horses need is in one vitamin including the organic selenium, support for healthy hooves and probiotics to help them handle the stress and rigors of travel and competing in endurance rides.

Also, worth mentioning – Chief was drug tested at the finish of a three day 155 mile pioneer ride while being fed HorseGuard MegaDose vitamins daily with a negative result.  Which is good news, nothing in these vitamins is illegal for AERC competition!

4 comments to Organic Selenium & Horse Guard Vitamins – Save 15%!!

  • culinary vacations

    I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful. . . .

  • Logan

    Thx for the info. I’ve always supplemented with Horse Guard and love it.
    You mentioned a discount? I don’t see it. Is it still available?

  • I’ll check on the discount and repost if it’s still good next week. Till then, you may be able to call and ask. Karen

  • Trish

    Product worked great for my 5 horses. I feed Mega Does to all my herd with great results, except my main performance horse. He gets Trifecta 4-in-1 GREAT joint support along with gut support and added hoof support. It seems to be a great price for the amount of support it gives.

    I also just started my Trifecta guy on their newest product- Simplete – High Performance, he loves it!! Its convenient because I don’t have to top dress the Trifecta its already in the Simplete. It is a 2 lb does with Oats, Extruded Soy Beasn, Flax Seed Oil, and live yeast cultures added. Before I was mixing the Trifecta with Omolene 200. Now I don’t have to load both bags when I’m traveling and his coat is looking shinier than before.

    Very informative post. And where can I find the discount you mentioned in the title?

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