Electric Longboards: Are They Safe?

Safety Of Battery Powered Longboards

While electric or battery powered skateboards have been around for a while, these transportation devices have witnessed a surge in popularity in the recent years. The older models were fitted with massive batteries, were difficult to control and did not perform well but over the past few years, a lot of innovation has happened in the field and this has led to models that offer excellent performance and some really impressive features.

If you are looking to buy an electric skateboard, you would want to know whether these are safe for riding. This article is focused on helping you understand the risks associated with powered longboards and how you can enjoy this modern marvel of technology in a safe manner.

Are Battery-Powered Longboards Safe?

The short answer is: yes.

Electric skateboards are completely safe but it does not mean that you can buy the first one you come across and start riding it without doing your homework and taking some precautions.

Due to the recent surge in interest, a number of companies have jumped in this market without paying any attention to the quality control or safety aspect of these transportation devices. Here are a few things you need to consider in order to make sure that your board is safe.

Brand Reputation

As mentioned above, a number of companies have jumped in this market and not all the companies are known for their quality control practices. Therefore, it is important that you only buy from a company that has a good reputation in the market as far as safety and quality of materials used is concerned. Online marketplaces are full of cheap electric longboards that are made of poor materials where user safety is not a priority.

UL 2272

Make sure the longboard you are buying is UL 2272 certified. It will ensure that the battery and charger system, as well as the electric drivetrain system inside the battery-powered skateboard, has been thoroughly tested. You should never buy any electronic device that is not certified as it means that the product hasn’t been tested and may not be up to the required standards.

Maximum Weight Capacity

It is also an important factor that is often overlooked. The reliability and safety of electric skateboards depends a lot on the actual weight they can carry. Needless to say, skateboards with higher weight capacity tend to be more robust and are likely to last much longer.


If you buy an auto skateboard based only on its price, you are likely to waste your money as it’s most likely made from low-quality materials. Most high-quality electric skateboards are made either from bamboo or high-quality plastic. High-quality bamboo or plastic is flexible and keeps the user safe and it does not break instantly.

High-Quality Wheels

If your longboard has flimsy or small sized wheels, it will be pretty useless. Make sure the board you are buying has big wheels made of high-quality rubber to let you enjoy a safe ride.


Most of the modern eboards available for sale come with a remote control that allow for easy control. Some models even offer control through Bluetooth with the help of an app on your smartphone but these usually cost a bit more. Make sure the remote control is comfortable to use.


If the manufacturer isn’t offering any warranty for their product, stay miles away from that company. All the well-known brands, as found at https://bestelectricskateboards.org, have confidence in their product quality and quality control checks which means they are not afraid to offer longer warranty periods for their products.

Tips for Safe Riding

The above-mentioned parameters will help you choose the right skateboard but it is important that you practice safe riding techniques in order to enjoy your expensive new toy without any issues.

Make sure you are always wearing safety gear. It is important that you always wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards as well as non-slip shoes while riding your board. While choosing your safety gear, make sure that you are able to handle your remote-control without any problems. Also, you should be able to control the pace and speed of your board while wearing the protective gear.

Before you take your board out in the streets, it is important that you practice in a safe area. Before taking your board out on a busy street, it is important that you are comfortable handling your board and can easily steer clear of any obstructions. Also, it’s your responsibility to abide by the local traffic laws.

It can be extremely dangerous when you are going down a hill. You will experience the thrill but you will put yourself as well as others at risk in case you are not in complete control of your board. It’s not easy to maintain balance at high speeds. So, you should practice hard and make sure you are comfortable handling the board before you start riding it in the streets.


Overall, all the well-known and reputable brands are completely safe provided you follow the above-mentioned tips for safe riding. Make sure the company is reputable and has excellent reviews and ratings on various review websites. So, begin your research and buy an electric skateboard from a reputable brand that has received a huge number of positive reviews and is known for selling high-quality products at the right price.

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